What is involved in our mobile pool cleaning service?

  • The pool is scooped of leaves and/or debris
  • The waterline is brushed and where needed scrubbed.
  • The Pool is vacuumed, when required.
  • Where necessary the pool is also brushed
  • Filter is cleaned or backwashed
  • Both the skimmer and lint baskets emptied.
  • The water tested and balanced.
  • Equipment is visually checked for faults and if any are found it will be reported to yourself within 24 hours.
  • Except in emergent situations no repair work will be performed without prior approval.We can supply all your chemicals adding the correct amounts saving you from transporting.

Pool cleaning service from $45.00 plus chemicals  depending on size and condition of the pool .

Payments can be made by Cash on the day or if you prefer by Bank Transfer or Cheque.

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Swimming Pool & Spa Cleaning Options

Weekly Pool Cleaning service

  • Our weekly pool cleaning service comes at a low standard rate and will suit busy swimming pool owners who don’t have much time in looking after the pool but would like to keep the pool looking great at all the time.

Fortnightly Pool Cleaning Service

  • This pool service will suit pool owners who like to potter around the pool on weekends but don't have the time to be a full time pool maintenance person.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Service

  • Our monthly pool maintenance service caters to pool owners with a low maintenance pool and is prepared to do a little bit of housekeeping themselves, like scooping leaves from the surface of pool and emptying the skimmer baskets etc.

Other Pool Service options

Aside from the regular pool maintenance options, we also offer specialised pool services such as:

  • Casual or One Off Pool Cleaning Service
  • Water testing and balance service
  • Special green pool treatment service


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Scheduled Service or Once Off swimming pool & spa cleaning - The Choice is Yours

Want to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time working on it? Allow us to keep your pool looking and feeling great so that you can have more free time to relax and enjoy your pool. Whether it is a one off clean on that busy day before a family BBQ, or a regular cleaning service ensuring crystal clear water all year round.

Al's Services  is swimming pool plant operation & maintenance certified  who offer a  friendly mobile pool cleaning service to get your pool looking great and keeping it that way. Whether you want a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just one off pool cleaning, we can cater to your swimming pool and spa needs.

The pool cleaning service we offer includes scooping the surface of the pool, vacuuming, pool filter service, clean skimmer and pump baskets, pool water testing and administer the right amount of pool chemicals to balance the pool water (chemical costs are extra).

( Friendly * Reliable * Family Run * Fully Insured * Registered Business with Competitive Pricing)

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