Except for our regular scheduled mowing services all other lawn and garden property services are charged at a hourly rate or by quote.

The choice is yours :

  • $60.00 per hour or ;
  • Unconditional free quote;
  • Minimum charge of $30.00.

Regular scheduled mowing service includes mowing of a average semi  flat domestic  block plus:

  • Edging ;
  • Blowing or sweeping of patios, paths and driveways of grass clippings;
  • Spot spraying of weeds in paths and driveways and;
  • Removal of grass clippings.

This includes the medium strip, front , back and even the sides of the property. A small surcharge may apply for hilly or steep inclines . A scheduled mowing service is not a written contract it is a verbal agreement , but if the scheduled mowing service lapses there may be a surcharge to get your lawn back on track. Regular scheduled mowing service can be fortnightly , very three weeks or monthly it depends on the session or how fast your grass grows.

  • Regular scheduled mowing service FROM $45.00


Other Property & Garden Services

 Garden rubbish removal
 $60.00 per hour
Plus dumping costs or council vouchers
 Trim Hedges
 Unconditional free quote

 Unconditional free quote

 Unconditional free quote
Except spot spraying
 Pressure Cleaning
 Unconditional free quote

 Swimming pool and spa cleaning
 Unconditional free quote

Pool Safety Inspection
From $110.00

( Discounts by 10% for first inspection

only for a short period so don't delay )


Payments can be made by Cash on the day or if you prefer by Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Please Feel Free To Call, Text  Or Email if you have any Questions.


Kedron, QLD, 4031, Australia


Scheduled Service, As Required or Once Off Lawn Mowing - The Choice is Yours

Lawns always look best with regular maintenance,  and we can tailor our services to suit your requirements:

Regular scheduled mowing - we can organise a mowing plan based on a  fortnightly, every three weeks or monthly or other preferred timetable so your lawn always looks great and you have less to worry about.

Service as required - if you prefer not to have a scheduled service and would rather book each time, just call us when your lawn needs mowing and we will work out a time to suit you.

Once off jobs - need a once off lawn mowing job done? When your mower breaks down, life gets too busy or you just want a break from mowing, give us a call. Be warned though - many "once off" customers love our service so much they keep coming back!

At work or other commitments not a problem,you don’t have to be home when we work, and if you are home and don’t wish to be disturbed that’s fine…just go on with your day and we’ll take care of the lawn, all gates or doors we use will be left closed after each visit leaving your property safe… and your lawns freshly mowed.

( Friendly * Reliable * Family Run * Fully Insured * Registered Business with Competitive Pricing)

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